Brodhead Aviation can handle a wide variety of light plane repairs, inspections and restorations, whether it is a common general aviation trainer or a prized, one of a kind antique.

Owner assisted annual inspections
Are you reluctant to take your airplane to a shop and leave it? Inspection visits average about $375.  Already an A&P?  Substantial discounts for mechanic performed work or a straight inspection with no additional items such as:  oil change, time consuming airworthiness directives, cowling repairs, etc.

  • Annual/Condition Inspections
  • Insurance Repairs
  • Restoration Projects (currently not accepting monocoque or large sheet metal projects)
  • Component Repair
  • Modifications & Approvals
  • Aircraft Refurbishing

Here are some recent projects we have completed.

Aeronca Champ paint

Final inspection and first flight preparation.

Final inspection and first flight preparation.

Kretschman champ

Fairchild 24 restoration, 2012

Fairchild 24 wing recover and painting.

Piper PA-20/22 re-cover and engine overhaul

1935 Rearwin 7000 Full Restoration

Component Fabrication

Component Fabrication - Fisher Wheels

Component Fabrication – Fisher Wheels